April 2022 Friend App Update

We are getting close to a V1 launch for Friend App. I have been sharing the experience at different events in Miami, and so far the feedback has been very positive.


We added developer Tawheed Raheem to work with lead developer Jaime (Edu) Lopez Amaya to help us get ready for the launch. He is actively working on the Interests experience within Friend App

New website

Our designer Alejandra Delgado launched our new website in anticipation of launch, as we start to share more of our branding. We hope you like it. Muy pronto en español.


Our presentation is updated and we will be raising a pre-launch Friends & Family round in April, and a post-launch Seed round in June/July.

If interested in learning more, please schedule some time with me on Calendly or send me a DM on Twitter @charleswalter

I'm testing out Paperstreet for investor updates. Please sign up here if you would like to receive them

See you around!

April will be an exciting month, as it is Miami Tech Month. I hope to see many of you at local events: Miami Tech Happy Hour at Freehold, eMerge Americas, and the new Brickell Tech Tuesday (in my own neighborhood)

Please say hello :)

Chuck Walter

Founder, Friend App