Bumble BFF vs. FriendApp

Bumble BFF can be a great solution for meeting NEW people on your app, but what about all the great people you already have in your phone contacts?

Friends are all around us, but the challenge that most of us have is INITIATIVE. FriendApp was born as a way to step away from all the distraction, and have a space to focus on the people with whom we want to nurture our relationsips.

Download FriendApp v1.1 for iOS

Key features ⭐

  • Recently Added Contacts allows you to see the contacts that are new to your phone (works after you have done your initial contacts import to FriendApp)
  • Spotlight your contacts you wish to nurture relationships with
  • Lists offer a simple flow for adding contacts into categories
  • Initiate communication via text, whatsapp, email, or call
  • Select multiple contacts to initiate a group text

How I use Lists...

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Thank you for reading more about FriendApp. Hope you enjoy it!

If interested in learning more, please schedule some time with me on Calendly or send me a DM on Twitter @ChuckWalterFL