FriendApp looking for tech cofounder

FriendApp's vision is to help people know who to check-in with, and to make the most of their free time with others. Only you really know the people that you'd like to have more involved in your life, and technology can assist you in making that happen more easily.

People are lonelier than ever, and we can shape technology to improve how humans connect.

Over the past year, we built an app for iPhone that imports a user's contacts, where users can group contacts into lists, see recently added contacts, and use the app as a starting point for communication.

There is much more in the roadmap, and we are looking for a passionate technical cofounder who wants to get involved at this early stage of the company.

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This is an amazing chance to help break the pattern of addictive social media applications, and shape tech that will build deeper connection between people, especially local. Read more below...

Contact the founder Chuck Walter at

  • The current version of FriendApp is built using the following technologies: Node.js, Vue.js, Ionic Capacitor, and Google Firebase / Firestore
  • Technical cofounder should be comfortable with these technologies, and can lead future architectural decisions for the platform as we scale and leverage data to improve user experience
  • Candidate should be excited about working with a social impact startup looking to change how people interact, and nurture meaningful relationships
  • Candidate should be able to point to successful applications (or features of large applications) that she/he has built or led development for in the past.
  • Ideally based in South Florida
  • Willing to work for equity until pre-seed funding
  • Expectation of minimum 10-hours per week, with interest in converting to full-time post funding
  • Provide technical guidance to our lead developer in Honduras

FriendApp helps people focus on relationships (personal and business) they want to nurture. The iPhone pilot is currently available in the app store and the company is actively seeking user feedback. In 2023, FriendApp looks to reduce the effort required for people to share and discover things that they can do with people they know.

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